BNB-CWG - Green Medium 14" Cando® Hand Exercise Web $23.95 $25.95

BNB-CW7G - Green Medium 7" Cando® Hand Exercise Web $13.95 $15.95

Cando 10-0857 Yellow/Green Multi Resistance Web Hand Therapy Device, 14" Diameter Latex, X-Light/Medium Resistance

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  • This hand therapy exercise web from CanDo® is used for flexion, extension, opposition, and supination hand exercises. It's easy to modify resistance by adjusting your hand position or depth of finger insertion. This 7 inch resistance web is available in 3 different resistances: Tan (XX-Light), Red (Light), or Green (Medium). This smaller, 7 inch resistance web is more portable so you can always take your hand therapy exercises with you. This product is Latex-free.

    The Cando® Hand Exercise Web is designed to provide progressive hand resistance strengthening. The resistance can be adjusted by repositioning the hand on the web or by changing the web being used. The device uses flexion, extension, opposition and supination exercises.

  • The Cando® hand exercise web is available in both the standard 14” diameter size and the small 7” diameter size in both low-powder and no-latex formulations. Two special multi-resistance webs are also available in only the 14” diameter low-powder formulation.

    As mentioned above in the related art section different levels of resistance will be felt at different parts of the web 13, depending on the location of the apertures 12 in relation to the ring 11. However, in order to achieve a maximum amount of resistance levels within a single hand exerciser the web 13 can be made from multiple materials wherein each material has a different elasticity modulus. For example, one half of the web can be made of a material that has an elasticity modulus 3 MN/m2 and a second material that has an elasticity modulus of 6 MN/m2. In this embodiment each half of the hand exerciser will have a different resistance level. This allows the person using the device the ability to realize a wide variety of resistance levels than would be permitted in a hand exerciser made from one material. It should be noted that the number of different materials used to make the web on a single exerciser is not limited to two and can be any number of materials chosen with sound engineering judgment.

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