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  • While there are a spread of grip-strengthening balls and vice gripping devices on the market, one of the comprehensive best paths to reinforce your grip is with a tennis ball! Yes, simply doing 30-50 squeezes with each hand of a tennis ball everyday , will strengthen your grip in no time! It's called training with weights and is especially good for more grown up adults to keep their hands active. The squeezing movement of your hands with the resistance of the ball will also help to strengthen your wrist and forearm muscles too. And, best of all, you will not have to spend a penny on fancy hand exercise weights! Just pick up an old tennis ball and pump away.

    These grips will save your hands from calluses and strengthen your grip in just 3 weeks of use for any hand exercise weights! They're even brilliant for helping you carry heavy shopping bags or helping to get those tight lids off of jars, too! My old granny swears by them to help keep her in the game.

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