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NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

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  • Starting in the late 1970's, DFX was the first to patent, manufacture, and supply gyroscopic exercisers to the U.S. This 30 year process began with the "Dynabee," however we eventually reconstructed the original into our top selling Strengthening System Gyro line, and Extreme Grip Simulators. Today, Powerball Gyro's such as the Sports Pro and Platinum have evolved into miracle medicine for Carpal Tunnel, Rehabilitation, and repetitive stress injuries.

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    This is a review of the Powerball Gyroscope Exerciser which can be used by anyone that would like to improve their wrist and arm strength. Great for hockey players, claimers, musicians, golfers, tennis players and much more. In this video I'll show you how the device works and also how it can help you improve the speed and power of your hockey shooting.

  • A Powerball gyroscope is a gyroscopic exercise device that exercises the wrist, building strength in the forearm, wrist, fingers and grip. It is sometimes used in physical therapy for rehabilitating broken wrists and injuries due to repetitive strain or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Wang Yifu plays with Gyroscopic exercise tool (Powerball)