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NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

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  • The Powerball Blue Gyro Exerciser with PowerDock is a great workout tool for any age. This gyro has LED lights built into the rotor and once activated, it illuminates a blue colored light show. It's perfect for rehab, toning, and strengthening. It includes a docking station to help activate your gyro and serve as a stand when not in use.

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  • Starting in the late 1970's, DFX was the first to patent, manufacture, and supply gyroscopic exercisers to the U.S. This 30 year process began with the "Dynabee," however we eventually reconstructed the original into our top selling Strengthening System Gyro line, and Extreme Grip Simulators. Today, Powerball Gyro's such as the Sports Pro and Platinum have evolved into miracle medicine for Carpal Tunnel, Rehabilitation, and repetitive stress injuries.

    The Powerball Blue Gyro Exerciser is a great workout tool for any age. This unit has LED lights built into the rotor that illuminates into a blue colored light show when activated. It is perfect for rehabilitation, toning, and strengthening.

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    A gyro exerciser is a hand-held piece of that may help strengthen hand, wrist, and arm muscles. It is similar in size to a tennis ball and contains a inside its outer shell. The gyroscope, a wheel, picks up speed as the user maneuvers the equipment through subtle wrist movements. As a gyro exerciser is able to spin thousands of rotations each minute, the force required to both control and continue spinning the device may be a helpful tool in or everyday .

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The DFX gyro exerciser originally came to the market as a rehabilitation device for carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and other RSI, and is now used for sports, fitness and rehab.