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  • You'll find on this page links to every total gym exercise you can find in this website. There are over 75 such total gym exercises and the exercise database is organized by the main muscle group each individual one targets.

    You have the option of clicking into a muscle group category or click on a specific total gym exercise which will take you to the specific exercise inside the category page.

    Alternative: Incline pull-ups are the solution. Grab a bar at waist height with a both hands. With your body straight and firm, pull your chest to the bar. Repeat as many times as you can. On one hand, this gym exercise becomes more difficult when you lower the bar, on the other hand it is easier when raising it.

  • Going to gym does not ensure you a great workout. Certain exercises make you sweat for nothing, so you should exclude them from your program. Below you can find out some useful tips about which gym exercise to avoid and which to put into practice :

    Total Fitness has the following sections:Gym Exercises Guide
    More than 100 different exercises to do at the gym with explanation of the exercise, info about involved muscles, images and an explanation videoGym & Home Workouts
    Different workouts that will help you to schedule your weekly work, as hard as you want or you can. You can train at the gym or at homeGuided Workouts
    Different guided workouts that will allow you to practice fitness at home with this app´s helpChallenges
    Try to beat yourself and reach some of the goals that Total Fitness proposes you, try to reach your best training with these workouts.My Progress
    Total Fitness helps you to monitorize your improvements with this section. Here, you will be able to control your BMI (body mass index), Fat %, and your strength.Workout Builder
    Create your own workouts!Nutrition
    Total Fitness will help you support your work in the gym with nutrition advice so that you know what, when and how to eat to achieve your goals.Utilities
    Total Fitness offers you the way to calculate your IMC, Fat %, and your Strength.This app is free, we only ask you for your positive rating so that more people knows the app and we can keep improving itWe hope you like it!!

  • Total Gym machines are part of the one-machine-for-multiple-exercises group of fitness equipment. While other strength training equipment are specifically built for one or a few different exercises, you can use the total gym to workout the entire body. As such, the amount of floor real estate is quite limited by comparison since you can only have one such machine in your home gym instead of purchasing one for each exercise.

    Another advantage to using total gym exercises while working out is the ease of use that the machine provides. Since there are no weights to manipulate such as there are in dumbbell or barbell exercises you'll be able to breeze from one exercise to the next with relative ease. This is made possible because you modify the resistance level simply by changing the angle of the glide board (i.e. higher height for more difficulty and horizontal height for least difficulty).

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The first organized in in 1851, though the claims to be "America's First Gym". A smaller branch opened in Rangasville in 1852. Ten years later there were some two hundred YMCAs across the country, most of which provided gymnasia for exercise, games and social interaction.