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  • Hello! My name is James Manuele. I'm a guitarist and instructor here at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington and I'm here to discuss about guitar hand exercises. If you are a guitarist and play quite often you have probably have noticed that you're hands get pretty tired very quickly. Here are some exercises that are not on the instrument that may help you stretch your hands prior to playing. Some of the main stretches that I like to do is the hand stretches themselves. So, one of the first exercises or stretches that I do is I press on the palm of my hand down just so slightly without hurting, just giving a little bit of tension and holding up there for about ten to twelve seconds, having a good stretch, stretching the wrist, the palm and my fingers. After a good stretch, we release it very slowly up the same motion then you always will want to counteract a stretch then I go to a top portion of my hand and I stretch the wrist and fingers the other way for at the same amount of time, giving a good stretch on the wrist. You can do that with both hands. Another good exercises exercise of stretch is I take each finger, counteract the same way I did with the wrist and hand, take up on my hand, push down a finger, each finger releasing the tension going down to the other one stretching down. So, now taking each finger itself and stretching on the joints just enough to feel a good stretch. Once I do a couple of stretches a good thing to do always is to shake your hand out, releases the tension and flows the blood back into your hand. Another very good exercise that you can do with both hands is to grip your hands as so and then turn your hand in one direction, full turns, bending the wrist, this is basically for the wrists and you can tilt a good forearm and wrist exercise, stretching your wrists out then reversed the motion stretching it the other way. That's for the wrists. Another one as well is we always have air pockets in our knuckles and that's why you hear the popping noise when you pull. Basically, it's just two joints releasing air flow. If air gets trapped in that then your joints get stiff and you can't move your fingers so liberally so I do is I pull very gently giving a couple of twist and releasing the air to each finger. These are just some exercises and stretches you can do with either hand of course before you play. If you play a long periods of time this will help you play with more agility and stamina.

    A guitarist needs to exercises her hands to keep them from getting tired too quickly, and one of the more important hand exercises is hand stretching. Find out how to stretch the wrist and fingers for better guitar playing with help from a classical guitarist in this free video on guitar hand exercises.

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