What do you think of this jazz guitar scale exercise?

When practicing this guitar scale exercise, you do not have to start the first scale on the root.

Gripmaster Hand Exerciser Blue, Light Tension (5-Pounds per Finger)

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  • And beyond the fact that they are absolutely the best exercise for beginners, Finger Combos are also great for intermediate and advanced players looking to maintain or polish up their technique. Not many guitar exercises can boast across-the-board effectiveness like this. Basically, Finger Combos do it all!

    Here you’ll find guitar exercises that will help you develop speed, endurance, accuracy, and finger strength. This physical aspect of guitar playing is called technique. These exercises are not to be performed for their musical value. They are simply to develop skill.

  • Listen, it’s not that your guitar exercises are bad; they’re probably perfectly fine. It’s just that mine is better. Way better. My exercise is the Chris Daughtry to your Taylor Hicks. The Carrie Underwood to your Ruben Studdard.

    These guitar exercises focus a lot on your picking of single note lines. They will also benefit your fretting hand tremendously, as well as help you develop your sense of timing. These alternate picking guitar exercises are for all skill levels and are a great place for beginners to start.

    The Guitar Exercises presented in this section are the ones I used when I started playing guitar. You can practice these in your electric or acoustic guitar. Some of the basic ones are found in most guitar courses and books.

    The more advanced ones are portions of personal licks that I have used on several solos and in time I've incorporated them into my exercises for warming up and acquiring speed. Advanced players scroll down for more challenging patterns.

  • In a world where everybody’s told not to judge for fear of offending someone – boo hoo – I’m ready to go all Simon Cowell and take a musical stand, unwavering and unapologetic: My guitar exercise is better than yours.

The Best Guitar Exercise, Period - Jim Bowley Guitar

Jim…I don’t do Facebook or twitter…so let me just say that the guitar finger exercises are decent. Question on the placement of my right hand ..using a strat…when I put my hand on the bridge my pick ends up over the pickup and I am not comfortable picking over the p/u…any suggestions, Robert