You are almost done with these English grammar exercises.

1. grammar exercises:

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  • Children love Living Sentences because they get to work in teams and because this activity involves logical thinking and movement. It’s definitely far more interesting than doing grammar exercises in books. Have a look below to see some examples of how I used this activity with groups of students at different ages.

    In my , I told you about picture prompts. Picture prompts are pictures you use for language practice. You can look at a picture and then write or say something about the picture in English. This is especially useful for grammar exercises, because you can use many different grammar forms to describe a picture.

  • Hi Ola. Thank you for helping us answer our grammar questions. My question is about English grammar exercises. I am currently studying by myself at home and doing lots of English Grammar exercises (an hour a day - 3 days a week), but I feel like I am just wasting my time.

    Is there a certain way to do or use grammar exercises to remember the grammar points better?

    I am using a book that I like, "English Grammar in Use" which Diana recommends because it has an explanation of the grammar on the left and exercises on the right.

    I guess my question is, what kind of English Grammar Exercises will help me improve my grammar the fastest? I do fill in the blanks and multiple choice exercises but I don't know what is best.

    In your experience, what English grammar exercises work?

    Alsl, do you know of any free grammar exercises that I could use on the internet?



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  • Where can I find basic English grammar exercises for beginners?... Right here!

    Adding language to wordless comics is a very common picture prompt grammar exercise. I recently made a 10-picture wordless comic strip to help one of my students practice grammar. Let’s look at the first four pictures of my comic, with some example grammar exercises:

Tenses - Grammar Exercises - Learning English

Directions: In the English grammar exercises below identify the run-on in each selection. If the selection contains no run-on, select “Correct.”