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Core Sliders - Set of 2 Exercise Sliding Discs - Great for Crossfit, Cross Training, Abdominal Workout Routines - Dual Sided Design Works on Carpet or Hard Floors - Silver

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  • If you have low back pain or sciatica and you wish to self-treat your problem, give the side glide exercise a try. Monitor your symptoms for centralization, and check in with your doctor and physical therapist regularly to make sure the exercise is the correct one for you to do.

    The lumbar side glide exercise is a great way to attempt to self-treat your low back pain or leg pain that may be coming from your lumbar spine. It is a simple exercise to do, as it can be performed anywhere a wall is present.

  • If you are performing the side glide exercise and your symptoms do not fully centralize, you may need to attempt a different exercise to get relief. The exercise progression in this case would be to perform the . Again, a visit to your local physical therapist can help you decide which exercise is best to do for your specific condition.

    Once your leg pain is centralized, you may need to discontinue the side gliding exercise and return to performing press ups straight away to fully abolish your low back pain. Your physical therapist can help guide you so you understand the proper exercises to do.

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  • Remember to monitor your symptoms as you perform the side gliding exercise. Centralization of your pain to your back is the desired response. If your pain is decreasing in your leg and thigh and is increasing in your low back, continue with the side gliding exercise.

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In terms of simplicity, a glider is one of the smallest, cheapest pieces of exercise equipment available. Although they might be confused for the coasters that go under the legs of your sofa, these small discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret weapon. Incorporate glider exercises into your workout for a safe and effective change of pace.