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Core Sliders - Set of 2 Exercise Sliding Discs - Great for Crossfit, Cross Training, Abdominal Workout Routines - Dual Sided Design Works on Carpet or Hard Floors - Silver

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  • This cruiser is an exciting glider powered exercise car. The adjustable racing wheels allow the car to work in different ways. When the wheel is in the top position the car remains stationary. Interactive fun begins by adjusting the wheel into the middle position and you can watch your glider turn the wheel and roll their critter cruiser on any flat surface. If you need a little more control place the cruiser on the exercise loop track. It's a safe way to know where your glider is at all times.

    This track will have your glider running in circles!! Race trace provides interactive fun for both you and your glider. Place your gliders exercise ball or cruiser on the track and watch as they race round and round!!! The track provides a way to always know where your glider is while encouraging exercise. Great for use during cage cleaning.

  • Multidirectional gliding disc exercises work your gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and inner and outer thighs. Stand in an upright position and place the disc under your right foot. Lift your right heel and slide your right leg behind you, bending both knees. Use your core muscles to help keep your upper torso upright. Perform 10 repetitions on each leg. To add inner thigh muscle engagement, bend your left knee as you slide your right leg out to the side. Move your hips backward, as if you were performing a squat. Straighten your legs and contract your inner thigh to drag your right leg back to the starting position.

    I just love glider exercises, because you can use val slides, furniture sliders, two towels, or even socks on a hardwood floor! These exercises are low impact and great for your core. Add your own glider exercises in the comments and check out the blog post for the complete list:

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    Glider Fitness Exercise Equipment Machine Body Weight Cardio Workout Home Gym
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Fitness Tips : How to Use Glider Exercise Machines

Glider exercise machines do just what their name suggests -- they glide from one position to another. Two types of gliders are common among exercise machines; one is an ab glider that works the abdominal and oblique muscles, the other is a machine that works the muscles of the legs. Both machines are quite simple to use. Before you use either machine, warm up for five to 10 minutes by doing some cardio exercise at a light to moderate pace.