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Yukon Glute, Hamstring, Back, and Abs Hyperextension Bench. GHD Exercise and Crossfit Machine.

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  • 4. There is a high risk of tearing an abdominal muscle. Due to the extreme difficulty of the exercise, it is hard to “build up to it”. As stated in point #3, the abdominal muscles are heavily taxed as they must counter forces going through muscles crossing the hip joint. The problem is, most people cannot properly stabilize a movement like this with their abdominal muscles. If you do not have a finely tuned, properly functioning abdominal wall- the risk for abdominal strain skyrockets. Most abdominal type exercises are not even close to being as risky as the GHD exercise regarding risk of abdominal muscle tearing or strain.

    Clicking on the link in the email brought me to a web article of the GHD exercise where the tone was serious and the exercise was being promoted. Oh my. Immediately I wanted to know a little bit about how this exercise was founded, who was doing it, and how long it has been around.

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