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  • Tony Little claims that the gazelle provides a quality cardio and strength workout while minimizing stress on joints. To operate the gazelle, the user stands with one foot on each foot plate, each hand grasping an arm lever. The person then swings his legs and arms back and forth in a scissoring motion. Some models of gazelle exercise equipment are fitted with pistons that can be used to vary the amount of resistance to increase aerobic intensity. The infomercial also explains that the user can do variations by leaning forward, leaning backward, bending knees, or releasing the arm levers.

    Along with the above features, Gazelle also allows a person to have a brisk walk or a full run. It does not make any noise and runs quietly. Once you get this trainer, it can be assembled in a very short span of time and most of the users who have used it are happy and satisfied with it. It belongs to one of those machines which are priced under $125. Gazelle exercise equipment is perfect for all those who want to start with a basic body trainer. It is for all age groups who want to have a healthy fitness routine and take care of their body.

  • You probably know the gazelle exercise machine best because of its high energy inventor, Tony Little. If you have ever seen late night infomercials where Tony Little and his fellow fitness enthusiasts climb aboard various models of gazelle exercise equipment, you are probably wondering exactly how good of a workout these people are getting, and if the machine is really worth the money. We wondered the same things, and decided to indulge our curiosities by testing the gazelle exercise machine for ourselves.

    Gazelle exercise equipment and many elliptical machines promise a no-impact cardio and full body exercise for maximum efficiency. Gazelle is an actual...

    Unnatural motion.  Many people purchase gazelle exercise equipment expecting it to resemble an elliptical trainer – the gazelle’s motions, however, are not the same as an elliptical.  The gazelle’s motion is unnatural, and it can be difficult just to balance on the plates.  Who can focus on working out when they are worried about falling off of the machine?
    Lack of results.  Despite working out for an hour several times per week, many people did not lose weight or build muscle while using gazelle exercise equipment.  Many people could not even reach their target heart rate on the gazelle. 
    Impractical design.  The piston resistance mechanism is impractical and frustrating.  In order to change resistance levels, the user must stop his workout, dismount the machine, change the pistons, then get back on the machine and resume his workout.  Besides being a hassle, frequent stopping is counterproductive to aerobic conditioning.
    Little variability.  The “variations” do not really change up the basic action enough to truly provide variety or added benefit.
    Foot pedal problems.  Quite a few people noted foot numbness after 20 or 30 minutes on a gazelle exercise machine, and others reported that their feet frequently slid around on the foot plates.
    Injury.  The gazelle is not recommended for people who have had, or who do have, any knee or foot pain, as gazelle exercise equipment has been shown to aggravate these areas if they are already inflamed.

  • Gazelle exercise equipment and many elliptical machines promise a no-impact cardio and full body exercise for maximum efficiency. Gazelle is an actual...

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