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  • Now, don't go canceling your trainer just yet: Eighteen holes of mini golf or tug-of-war with your pooch doesn't necessarily match the muscle-building, fat-blasting potential of a 20-minute strength workout. But there may be ways to turn these fun exercises into a genuine sweat session.

    Set aside 30 minutes three times a week to do fun exercises with your kids. Make it a part of your after-school or after-dinner routine. If your kids are young, they might like hopscotch or hide-and-seek. Kick a soccer ball around or shoot hoops with older children.

  • I hope this list of fun exercise activities for kids gets them off the couch. Exercise has a wide variety of health benefits. Plus, it will even help them do better in school too.

    Try these 8 fun exercise activities for kids to get your kids off the couch and moving. Plus, these exercise activities can be enjoyed by the entire family.

  • People exercise for a variety of reasons. Some do it to get in shape or lose weight while others use it to reduce stress or set new PR’s. Whatever reason initially motivates you, you’re most likely to stick with it if you are having fun. When you have a fundamental enjoyment exercising, you’re more likely to stick with it, even during the most challenging workouts.

Ridiculously Fun Dance Exercise For Kids

Strengthen your arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back, and abs. After using our fun exercise dancing video you'll have greater endurance and energy galore!