Set the forearm exerciser at about shoulder level.

This is probably the oddest bit of forearm exercise equipment. But also one of the most helpful.

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  • OK, finally a forearm exercise with the palms up so we can give those poor tendons in the elbows a break. This wrist curl is similar to the above palm down dumbbell wrist curl except our palms are basically facing upward. Again, use a weight bench if you have one to rest your forearms on or sit with spread legs in a chair and rest your forearms on your quads.

    Failing to train forearms results in weak , and let's cut to the chase, skinny-looking arms. Target yours with these 20 forearm exercises and sayonara to your skinny arms.

  • Simply add one or two forearm exercises such as forearm curls after you train biceps. Alternatively, if your forearms typically are exhausted after training biceps, add them after a workout whereby they are not touched at all. For example, train forearms after you have trained your abs or after legs!

    The muscles in your forearms control hand and finger movement, so strengthening your forearms carries over to improving your grip strength. Plus, isolating your forearms from time to time improves the look of your lower arms and helps them match your upper arms. Your biceps and triceps improve upper-arm appearance, so it's only natural to want thicker forearms as well. Forearm exercises to consider are Dumbbell Wrist Curls, Dumbbell Wrist Twists and Reverse Curls with your wrist bent.

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    I found an interesting way to make a homemade forearm exerciser but instead of using the materials that writer suggested, I found a slightly cheaper way.

Best Forearm Workout - The Top 5 Forearm Exercises

While these devices fulfill their respective, particular objectives and requirements, the aforementioned patents do not disclose a new wrist and forearm exerciser. The inventive device includes an elongate handle rod and a line with opposite upper and lower ends. The upper end of the line is coupled to the handle rod. A weight support means is coupled to the lower end of the line. A plurality of weights are supported by the weight support means.