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  • In each of the above embodiments, a foldable exercise bench with a pivotally attached support foot can be moved readily between the deployed or exercise-ready position simply by lifting up or lowering the bench with one hand, without having to release any locking pins or devices and subsequently re-insert locking pins after moving the bench to a new position. The support foot is automatically folded up flat against the bench by a four-bar linkage as the bench is lifted into the storage position, and the apparatus is automatically self-locking in each position. Because the bench is rotated rearwardly past the vertical position into the storage position, the weight distribution and center of gravity is such that the bench will stay in the storage position until positively moved out of that position by a user, without any need for additional locking devices. The exercise bench is designed for performing free weight exercises of various types, and can be readily folded up out of the way when not in use, so that it takes up very little floor space. The bench has multiple, easy to perform adjustments providing a plurality of different exercise positions for performing many different types of free weight exercises.

    The folding exercise bench of FIGS. 1 to 12 requires no secondary adjustment to change from an exercise ready position as illustrated in FIGS. 1 to 3 and 10 and a storage position as illustrated in FIGS. 6 and 12. The relationship between the pivoting support foot 36 and the secondary connecting links 32 is such that the secondary links 32 wedge the support foot against the primary link tube 30 in a stable and secure position when deployed in the exercise ready position of FIGS. 1 to 3. When the bench 14 is to be moved into a storage position so that it takes up less floor space when not in use, the bench is simply lifted up at its forward end, rotating the primary link member about the first pivot 34 on the frame in the direction of the arrow in FIG. 11. At the same time, the support foot 36 is raised, and, due to the secondary connecting link, will pivot inwardly in an anti-clockwise direction about the pivot pin 40. This rotation continues until the bench 14 reaches the upright storage position of FIG. 6, at which point the foot 36 is folded inwardly by secondary link 32 to run alongside the primary link or support tube 30.

  • illustrate a foldable exercise bench 10 according to an exemplary embodiment of the present invention. The exercise bench is a so-called FID or flat-incline-decline bench which is adjustable between various different back rest orientations for performing different types of exercise. It is also collapsible into a relatively flat, fully folded condition as illustrated in for storage or transportation purposes.

    According to one aspect of the present invention, a foldable exercise bench is provided which comprises a support base having a first end for engaging the ground and a second end, a back support pivotally mounted on the support base at a location between the ends for movement between a folded position flat against the support base and a plurality of adjusted, inclined positions relative to the support base, a seat pad mounted on the support base in front of the back support, and a front support leg having a first end pivotally secured to the support base and a second end for engaging the ground in a deployed position to support the second end of the support base in a position raised above the ground, the front support leg being movable between a deployed position engaging the ground and a folded position folded flat against the support base, the front support leg having a front face and a rear face, and an integrated foot rest on the support leg located in line with the support leg and not protruding forwardly or rearwardly from the front or rear face of the support leg.

  • According to the present invention, a foldable exercise bench is provided which comprises a stationary frame, an exercise bench pivotally mounted on the frame for movement between a retracted, generally upright storage position and at least one deployed position for supporting a person during exercise, the bench having opposite first and second ends, a support foot adjacent the first end of the bench pivotally mounted relative to the bench for rotation between a first, storage position extending generally alongside the bench when the bench is in the upright, storage position, and a second, support position in which the support foot extends at an angle to the bench and engages the floor to support the bench in the deployed position, and a pivotal linkage between the support foot and frame for automatically pivoting the support foot from the second position to the first, storage position when the bench is moved into the upright, storage position, the bench and support foot each being freely movable from the deployed and first positions to the storage and second positions, respectively, by lifting the bench.

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Exercise equipment typically requires a large amount of floor space, regardless of whether it is in use or not. Thus, the advantages of a folding design for exercise benches and the like have been recognized for some time. Most prior art foldable exercise benches have disadvantages in that they require removal of lock pins before folding up for storage, and replacement of pins to lock the bench in the stored position. Such locking pins can fall out, be misplaced, or, if used improperly, may result in serious injury. One example of a foldable bench which must be locked in position via one or more locking pins is U.S. Pat. No. 5,882,283 of Stevens. In this case, a base member is pivotally connected to the frame and the two part bench is pivotally mounted on the base member. A stand is pivotally connected to the base member. A retractable device allows the bench and base member to be raised and lowered, and must be pinned in an extended position when the bench is moved into the raised, storage position.