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  • Foam roller exercises and other self-myofascial release techniques have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. Partly that stems from a better understanding about the healing benefits of soft tissue care, or massage. Massage can ultimately become cost-prohibitive since unless you are an athlete or just have a few hundred extra bucks lying around, you probably opt infrequently for a massage as a luxury or a splurge more than a necessity.

    Foam roller exercises, also called , is a form of massage that fitness-minded folks do either before exercise to loosen up sore muscles and tight joints, or after a workout, in an effort to aid .

  • The Foam Roller Lats Exercise can be performed both before and after playing golf, practising on the range, or other physical activity. It’s also great after sitting in the same position for a while, and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime you feel tight and in need of a massage, such as while watching television or before bedtime.

    The Foam Roller Lats Exercise is a great self-massage exercise that will give your (lats) a deep and effective sports massage, thus improving the health and quality of your muscle tissue and helping you to perform better. It will also alleviate soreness and make your muscles feel better.

  • Outside of cellulite-reducing foam roller exercises, her book offers ways to decelerate the aging process and help you drop 20 pounds or more. Within its pages, you’ll get look-younger, feel-younger tips from nine “Life Stylists” (read: health and wellness gurus) including mindfulness and meditation expert Gabrielle Bernstein, trainer Rachel Cosgrove, nutritionist Keri Glassman, MS, RD., and dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD. Why 20 pounds? The average American woman weighs 166 pounds. Losing 20 would not only make her feel more confident about her body, but also help her sleep better, make her workouts feel easier, improve her sex life—and even make her brain act “younger”, according to some research (find out ).

7 Foam Roller Exercises Your Body Will Thank You for Doing

In the video above, I show you foam roller exercises to help with pain coming from the IT Band. Many runners will be already familiar with the foam roller as a great tool for dealing with some of the tightness that causes the discomfort of IT Band Syndrome… It works, usually more effectively than IT Band Stretches, but probably not in the way you’re thinking.