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Fluidity Fitness Exercise Barre

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    I've watched the advertising for the Fluidity Exercise Bar. They say it is a step up from Pilate's Machine. Wondering if any of you have tried it, and if so, what your comments are on it. Also, has anyone used the Pilate's and then switched over to the Fluidity Bar. I did have the Pilate's machine at one time, but it's just wayyyy to large and I don't have an area in the home we are in now to put it, so that's out for me. I'm 64 and definitely do need to tone up. Never had that issue before until just this past year. Had hysterectomy around 5 mos. ago and seems like every thing has gone South w/my body. Always weighed between 140-145 and looked and felt fine. Now I'm up to 150-152 @ 5' 6" and like I said, all seems to be going South w/tone etc. Weight training, running and vigorous heavy exercise is Not something I can do. Would appreciate any advise/information you have with what is working for you, especially if you've tried the Fluidity Bar.

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