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    Here you will find a common sense approach to weight loss and some of the best flat belly exercises that promise you a real chance for fast and long term success.

  • Now that you know a little bit about healthy eating, it is time to learn about the best flat stomach exercises. Properly training your abdominals will strengthen and tone your midsection and give you the great look that you desire. Basic abdominal crunches are a great exercise for your upper abs. Lying down with your back on the floor and your knees bent, slowly curl your shoulders forward toward your knees as you squeeze and “crunch” your abdominal area. Hold for a split section at the top of the crunch and really flex your abs to get a great peak contraction. The key to performing crunches properly is to avoid swinging and using momentum to complete the movement. After performing three sets of standard ab crunches, move on to reverse crunches. Reverse crunches are performed in the opposite manner as traditional crunches. In the normal crunch body position. You curl your pelvis to raise your knees toward your chin. The exercise movement really stresses your lower abdominal region. It is a great exercise to perform if you, like most people, tend to store fat in your lower ab region. After performing three sets of traditional and reverse crunches daily for a few weeks to a month, your abs should be strong enough to transition to more difficult abdominal exercises. Hanging leg raises are an extremely effective abdominal exercise. Although very hard, they are worthwhile and can produce amazing results. Start off with the bent knee version of leg raises. Hanging from a pull-up bar, slowly curl your knees upward toward your chest using only your ab muscles. It is sort of like a hanging reverse crunch. As your ab muscles get stronger, you can straighten out your legs and perform full hanging leg raises to get a high-level abdominal workout and build a stomach made of steel. When performing , never cheat to complete additional repetitions. Cheating on an exercise only cheats you out of the results that you are looking for and serves no benefit. Use your stomach muscles to complete all exercise movements and never use momentum.

    While the basic crunch can be effective, research shows that working on core exercise is the most effective flat stomach exercises. These are exercises that engage all of the muscle groups in the core. The muscles of the core run the length of the trunk and torso in the abdominal, lower back and hips regions. These muscles all affect body posture and when you do flat stomach exercises that affect those areas, the results are incredible. This assumes you have cleaned up your eating.

  • Several flat stomach exercises that target upper flexion, lower flexion, double flexion, side flexion, twists (work your obliques in transverse twisting plane), and extensions will work out your core from all angles. The home program called RevAbs has some of the best flat exercises I know of. Many of the exercises use a Brazilian martial art known as Capoeira.

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There are a multitude of workout plans that can help you tone your abs. These top flat stomach exercises are here to provide you with a life-saving solution to have a dreamy silhouette for the summer season. Include these cool moves into your daily schedule to make sure you keep your muscles in top shape.