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The Five Tibetans Yoga Exercise (1)

The Five Tibetans: Five Dynamic Exercises for Health, Energy, and Personal Power

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  • How did he accomplish this remarkable feat of rejuvenation? The secret is said to be in a series of five ancient Tibetan exercises, which anyone can perform in a matter of minutes. These simple exercises will restore youthful health and vitality by balancing and harmonizing invisible energy vortexes within the body.”

    How to get the incredible benefits of the rejuvenating Five Tibetan Exercises: age reversal, restored hormonal health, easier weight loss and more!

  • The most important thing you should know is that the 5 Tibetan Rites work in conjunction with each other, so if you want to fully experience the remarkable benefits of these ancient Five Tibetan exercises it's best to do all five of them daily (download a free poster of the Five Tibetan Rites below):

    5 Tibetan Rites step-by-step instructions to get the incredible benefits of these ancient Five Tibetan Exercises: age reversal, restored hormonal health, easy weight loss.

  • It's much more important to take your time and focus on doing the exercises correctly, rather than pushing yourself to achieve doing the full set in the shortest amount of time. Then, as you reach the maximum recommended of 21 repetitions for each of the 5 Tibetan Rites, this whole workout won’t take you more than 10 minutes.

    Avoid doing the Rites in the evening because they build a lot of energy that lasts for hours and you'll find it hard to fall asleep. It’s best to do these powerful, energy-generating Five Tibetan exercises early in the day. Why? Because they’ll raise your metabolism for the rest of the day and as a result, your body will burn more fat.

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Second, the Five Tibetan Exercises are so effective because they're specially designed to normalize the spinning speed of the body's seven major energy centers (chakras, or psychic vortexes - pictured in the image at the right).