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FlexEx 0001 Finger, Hand and Forearm Exerciser, Pack of 3

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  • From the day that Epitome Fitness's hit the market, it was apparent that this offering is quite different form run-of-the-mill hand grippers that have been sold for decades. The Finger Master Hand Exerciser is built with a groundbreaking five-piston layout that allows users to create custom configurations for a more challenging hand workout. The pistons can all be independently adjusted, to provide the right amount of exercise tension for each finger. This feature prevents weaker digits from falling behind during challenging hand exercise sessions.

    Epitomie Fitness has a mission to inspire optimal human fitness through revolutionary products. Epitomie Fitness are the makers of the number one rated Finger Master Hand Exerciser on Amazon. Also Foam Roller and other innovative fitness gadgets.

  • The proper training of the 18 hand muscles can only be done one way – the right way! Hand grip exercises must simply be done through full, natural, 3-dimensional ranges of motion – with resistance. Simple, right? Don’t be so sure. So why are finger and hand exercises traditionally done poorly?

    Your patients deserve a strong grip and robust finger and hand muscles, not only after a hand injury but also for everyday life. Meyer Physical Therapy is committed to assisting you and your patients in having the healthiest hands possible. Browse our selection of finger and hand exercisers for high-quality products that increase dexterity, range of motion and hand strength.

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