…. Be intense with your fat burning exercise

Jumping rope is a great Fat Burning Exercise.

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  • Your legs and thighs can also be areas that need some slimming down. Use the following fat burning exercise for long lean legs, inspired by professional dancers. Stand in a doorway or supported by a chair at your elbow’s height. Using your hands to balance, lift your opposite leg up in front of you, with your knee slightly bent for comfort. Then kick this same leg backwards as far back as you can. Repeat this several times, then turn around and switch to the other leg for the same movements.

    There is no such thing as the ‘ultimate’ calorie-burning activity. Energy burned is dependent not just on the activity itself, but on how much effort you put in, how skilled you are at it, how long you do it for, and how often. So choose a fat burn exercise that you are going to do regularly and consistently. That means an activity that you actually enjoy (unless you want your workouts to involve untold misery and boredom!) and one that is practical and accessible.

  • With these 5 Killer Belly Fat Burning Exercises I thought it would be fun to do some of these movements with the SuperBand and I always carry these babies with me when I travel and in my gym bag. They don’t weigh very much at all and they’re obviously easily collapsable so they can fit in any nook and cranny without breaking your back.

    It can be challenging to find fat burning exercises that don’t cause a strain on your joints and back, especially if you already suffer from pain or stiffness in joints and muscles. Swimming is by far one of the best exercises you can do to tone up, burn calories and fat, and slim down – without the impact on your body. Start by getting into water that you feel safe in and simply walking the perimeter of the pool. Then try swimming across the pool as many times as you can. Later on, you may also want to try a water aerobics and strength training class in your community.


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  • I was getting bored with my traditional workouts lately so I thought it would be a fun idea to mix things up with these belly fat burning exercises. Most of the time you’ll do fine with just a pair of dumbbells or your bodyweight for your fat burning workouts but to be honest with you sometimes you have to spice things up a little bit.

Fat Burning Exercises - HOW TO BURN FAT QUICKLYS

Quick Fat Burning Exercises Program
Exercise 1 Dumbbell Deadlift / Squats –
With your arms straight down at your sides and your palms in, grasp a dumbbell in each hand. Using proper form, with your eyes straight ahead and your back straight, squat down until the dumbbells touch, or nearly touch the floor. Pause in the down position for a count of one, then return to the up position. Do 5 sets of 12 – 16 reps with a 45 second pause in between each set.