Facial Yoga Exercise Number 4: The Warrior Part 1

Facial Yoga Exercise 8: Kissy Face

The Ultimate Guide To The Face Yoga Method: Take Five Years Off Your Face

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  • You’re probably well aware that round, plump cheeks are a sign of youthful vigor; this face yoga exercise will strengthen your cheek muscles, helping to restore more youthful, plump cheeks without having to resort to injectable fillers.

    This face yoga exercise has been dubbed the “baby bird.” To perform this exercise, press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, then swallow with your chin pointing to the ceiling.

  • The neck is often the first place we show signs of aging, and this face yoga exercise strengthens the muscles of your jaw as well as the platysma, the muscle that surrounds your upper chest and collarbone.

    When doing this face yoga exercise, be sure to use gentle pressure; don’t pull too hard. Since the skin around your eyes is very sensitive, you might want to moisturize before performing this exercise.

  • This face yoga exercise is also known as the “puppet face.” To perform it, smile with your teeth showing, then gently press your fingertips into the creases between your nose and lips. Next, lift the muscles up and press your fingers down so as to apply slight resistance.

8 Amazing Facial Yoga Exercises for Toning Your Face

We use yoga for everything- exercise, strength, relaxation- so why not use it to tighten and firm our faces as well? There are several yoga facial exercises designed to minimize lines and wrinkles, creating a firm and beautiful face that is vibrant and fresh. Oh, and did we mention these facial yoga exercises are incredibly easy and can be completed within a matter of minutes? You really don’t have an excuse NOT to do them!.