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  • Blinking is very easy exercise for eyes to improve vision. When we are watching TV and computer screen, then we don’t blink frequently, which causes the dry eyes and irritation in eyes. When you close your eyes during the blinking, then eyes become recharge and fresh and removes the previous information and ready to accept new information’s. Tightly close eyes for 5 seconds and open again for 5 seconds. Perform eyes blinking exercise 10 times daily. Blinking is the best and simple eyes exercise at work and you can try blinking exercise before sleep.

    Negatives of pinhole glasses: They do not improve the actual vision system. They can help with the symptoms while being worn, but they do not address the underlying causes. They also don’t provide any actual eye exercise when being used. The other down side is that pinhole glasses can inadvertently contribute to weakening of vision by supporting suppression of vision in the weaker eye. This happens because, without being aware of doing so, there is a preference to use the stronger eye when “looking” through the holes. If you have a pair of pinhole glasses, you could demonstrate this to yourself. Put them on, and begin reading some text, then close one eye. You may well discover that you were only looking through one pinhole anyway, and that you were unconsciously favoring the weaker eye! When this happens the weaker eye is allowed to deteriorate even more because of less activity.

  • Positives for pinhole glasses: They can be useful as a way of helping your eyes to relax and see “better”. This advantage may reduce the need for glasses, or even dependence on glasses. The negatives noted above do not mean you should avoid pinhole glasses. The solution is to add good eye exercises to make sure you don’t allow your eyes to continue to weaken. Remember, in this sense, pinhole glasses are no different to traditional glasses. Neither will not stop underlying deterioration, so adding an eye exercise program to address underlying vision issues will get the best out of your pinhole glasses and improve your underlying vision at the same time.

    Take two towels and soak one in hot water and second in cold water. Now gently press the towel on your closed eyelids, first hot and then cold for a few minutes. End the exercise by putting a cold towel and enjoy the simple eyes massaging exercise to improve eyesight and to give relaxation to the eyes. These exercises for eyes enable you to work for a long time without tired and weak eyesight. You will like to read how I can naturally and get rid of glasses?

    From a customer in the USA

    I was really contemplating getting eye surgery for intermittent extropia before I bought your eye gym. After three days my eyes are begging to work together again as a team. See, I always know that my eyes were good with 20/20 corrected but I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to make them both work together (for binocular vision). After using your eye exercises and techniques, I can see a noticeable difference - everything is 3d, especially after workouts! I now realize that my eyes need exercise for suppression and convergence/divergence. These are the two main things that I have noticed keeping my eyes working as a team (and not turning!)....
    Oh yesterday, before I left to go out, I had the weirdest feeling: after working out my eyes I drove around in my car and noticed the 3d effect and it was just mind blowing. It felt like things were sticking out at me. I was staring at the trees and houses and thinking to myself how beautiful seeing really is. Thank you. I now know surgery isn't for me - convergence/divergence and eye suppression exercises are. I'll now stand by!"

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    We are presenting the best exercises for eyes to improve vision, strengthen eye muscles and get rid of spectacles. By daily doing the eyes exercises for better vision you can easily give relax to your eyes during your working hours. If you are working in an office or a student and you have to spend too much time on laptop and computers or televisions then these eye exercises will be very beneficial for you. Using the below given simple eyes exercises and eyes tips, you can get rid of glasses and improve eyesight quickly. These are the simple exercises which I can perform even at work or school or college.

**** Checklist for Eye Exercises ****

The Eye Exerciser was developed and designed by Dr. Rudy Cartwright, a brain surgeon with over 35 years of training and experience. Dr. Cartwright’s knowledge about the brain, the nerves, and the muscles (and how they are all connected) helped him create the perfect eye exercise routine. These simple, yet powerful, eye exercises are designed to help you: