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  • Extreme exercise programs are best suited for individuals that are already familiar with multiple exercise types, are in moderately good shape, and have personal fitness goals that require a more aggressive exercise routine.

    The extreme exercise programs are designed to produce rapid results in terms of improved cardiovascular endurance, increased lean muscle mass, and a reduction in excess body weight.

  • The extreme exercise programs are designed for individuals that are exercising with a high level of regularity and consistency and want to push their body to a higher overall level of fitness.

    It’s easy to register for a race, and it’s much harder to stick to the prescribed training regimen. Find a running group or friend to keep you accountable as you prepare for your extreme exercise event. It might also be a good idea to start by participating in a less demanding event, such as a 5K, before committing to anything as extreme as a marathon.

  • “Extreme exercise” was defined by the researchers as four hours at a time several days in a row, but that the limits and responses will be different for each individual. He noted that his team consistently began to see significant physiological changes after about two hours of steady exercise (typically running).

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Perhaps the scariest risk of extreme exercise is that it occasionally causes a condition called , called "rhabdo" for short. While rhabdo is rare, it can cause major health problems, and is sometimes fatal. Rhabdo occurs when muscle fibers break down and enter the bloodstream. These fibers, called myoglobin, circulate through the body and cause kidney damage.