Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy by James F

Exercising Through Your Pregnancy

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  • I thought this was really interesting. By you exercising throughout your pregnancy, you can help give your baby a healthy start to this world that might even carry on even until Kindergarten!

    Can pregnant women lift weights? Absolutely — and pay special attention to your upper-body work, since you're going to need extra strength to carry your baby once she is born. If you're new to strength training, start slowly. "For women who have never weight-trained, I recommend beginning with light free weights," advises James F. Clapp III, M.D., in Exercising Through Your Pregnancy (Human Kinetics, 1998). If you already strength-train, don't increase weight loads, repetitions or sets until after 10 or 12 weeks. The main caveats: Avoid holding your breath while lifting, since that can impede blood flow to the fetus; and don't lift weights while lying on your back.

  • Do you know that exercising through your pregnancy can help both you and your baby, not only during the 9 months of pregnancy, but also during your recovery and well into mommyhood?

    As I mentioned before, I would not still be running if there was any sign that my exercise routine was having a negative impact on the baby. But so far, baby looks perfect. And there’s some pretty compelling evidence that continuing vigorous exercise throughout your pregnancy actually benefits the baby. For example, did you know that regular vigorous exercise (like running) in early pregnancy (i.e. the first 24 weeks) actually increases placental growth and improves its function in later pregnancy? This is a natural adaptation to the stress of exercise. And although there is no disadvantage to not having these adaptations, research has shown that it serves as a protective measure. The increased blood flow that occurs when the placenta is larger can improve the baby’s resiliency — making it better at adapting to stress, responding to traumatic events in utero, and better able to cope with the stresses of labor and delivery ().

    Exercising Through Your Pregnancy
    James F. Clapp,Catherine Cram
    Limited preview - 2012

  • Exercising Through Your Pregnancy
    James F. Clapp, III,Catherine Cram
    Limited preview - 2012

    All aspects of growth and development after birth in babies from exercising mothers are equal to or better than those observed in the control offspring. – Dr. James Clapp, “Exercising Through Your Pregnancy”

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As a side note: If you’re a runner or just a generally active women and are pregnant and/or thinking about becoming pregnant, I highly recommend reading Dr. Clapp’s book, “Exercising Through Your Pregnancy.” The science is fascinating and presents a very good case for continuing to run.