9 Exercise DVDs to Help COPD Patients Improve Breathing

The following are nine of the most popular exercise DVDs. Many are geared for seniors and people with disabilities or illnesses like COPD:

Adaptive Yoga with a Chair DVD - Do you have some kind of limitation that is keeping you from exercising? Experienced yoga instructor, Jan Howell will guide you through exercises and traditional yoga poses that have been adapted and modified so you CAN move and stretch in a way that is safe, gentle and effective.

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  • From to a free workout DVD We are not just giving away any old exercise DVDs. One of them is arguably the best exercise DVD on the market today – the other one is not chopped liver either – which means that it is going to be pretty much impossible for you to come up with excuses for not doing what you need to do to lose weight and get in shape.

    Get the most out of your exercise DVDs from the selection at the As Seen on TV Store! Featuring the hottest names like Billy Banks to Georges St. Pierre's , you’ll find the best workout DVDs to make the most of your minutes to a leaner, stronger, and more powerful body!

  • Losing weight requires you to watch what you eat in addition to being physically active. However, not having a gym or a safe environment to exercise in can make it difficult to incorporate regular physical activity into your routine. Exercise and fitness DVDs can help solve that problem by allowing you to workout in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Even if you can't hit the gym, using exercise DVDs may be able to help you lose weight and support your weight loss long-term.

    We showed you the ways , but what about those icons of the small screen: reality stars? Well, wonder no more, as we take you through the exciting world of reality star exercise DVDs.

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    If you ever watch the American version of The Biggest Loser, you know who Jillian Michaels is. She is the coach that motivates obese Americans to get through their workouts through a potent mix of intimidation, shouting and encouragement that is shouted. Luckily, her workout DVDs are far less intense – at least as far as her words of motivation are concerned. There are two levels of workout intensity, both about 35 minutes long, so you can burn belly fat fast. Of course, if your stomach isn’t your biggest concern, you can buy some of her 15+ other exercise DVDs.

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Heavyweight champion David "The Haymaker" Haye's first foray into the world of exercise DVDs is suitable for a range of fitness levels, with six workouts.