The Best 10 Exercises To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Exercises to Relieve Your Back Pain and Strengthen Your Core

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  • There are many exercises to relieve back pain and keep your spinal column limber and flexible. Unfortunately for many people, their job involves a lot of sitting down at a desk whether it be a till checkout, office job or receptionist. The fact is that sitting for long periods of time can, over months and/or years, lead to pain in the lower back. If you have an desk job right now, wherever it may be, just consider how much time you will be sitting down all day, every day, for this year, next year and so on. The other factor is stress. Stress tightens the muscles in the body – a fact. If you are tense, sitting down all day, it is little wonder you develop lower back problems. You need to find some back stretches for back pain to give you relief, or one of the many back pain relief products out there on the market, that will work for you.

    There are many exercises to relieve back pain. Exercises generally consist of slow stretching motions to relax the affected area. Do not over stretch or you could cause more damage. Visit our site for more exercises to relieve back pain and get back your mobility.

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