Review: Fusion Pilates Exercise with Baby DVD

Strengthen your tummy muscles while exercising with your baby.

Exercise with baby

Happy Baby Workout - New Mom and Baby Fitness workout DVD

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  • Get in the swim. Working out in the water is wonderful for both of you. You'll enjoy feeling weightless after all those months of feeling huge, and she'll enjoy the simple act of splashing her tiny hands. And exercising with baby in the water is simple — you can use your baby as a weight by holding her beneath the arms and lifting her up, then lowering her back into the pool; or, get a pint-sized "boat" (make sure it's safe) she can float in while you do your thing next to her.

    Of course you want to get back into shape — and of course, finding time to work out can be next to impossible with junior (adorably) monopolizing your time. One way to get back into the fitness swing is to start exercising with baby. Here, some simple ideas on moving your butt (and whittling down your belly) with your little one at your side.

  • Join a "mommy and me" class. The ultimate in exercising with baby! Check your local Y or newspaper, or look online for classes in your neck of the woods.

    While you exercise with baby, avoid forcing any poses or moves to prevent injury to you or your little exercise buddy. While exercise for mom offers many benefits, including reduction of anxiety, stress and likelihood of postpartum depression, the opportunity to bond when you exercise with your newborn is a bonus from which you both benefit.

  • Exercise for mom doesn't have to involve a class or an instructor. Sneak in exercise with baby by doing lunges to lull your little one off to dream land. Raise and lower your baby into the air for an ab and arm workout. Or do sit-ups in a game of peek-a-boo with your little darling in your lap to make exercise with baby fun for you both.

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Getting back into shape is usually high on a new mom’s to-do list. But alone time is often difficult to come by. So how can you drop those pregnancy pounds while bonding with Baby at the same time? Exercise with Baby!