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Pogamat Large Exercise Mat 78" x 48" x 6.5mm Thick (6.5'x4'). Anti-Tear Workout Mat And Yoga Mats. Perfect For All Types Of Exercises. Does Not "Bunch Up" While Working Out. Used With Or Without Shoes

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  • The exercise bike is included so it's a great option if you don't already have home gym equipment. Using an exercise bike is a good choice for those who need to build up their fitness, you can start slowly, getting some exercise while you work and then increase the resistance as you get fitter or during breaks from work or when you are just watching a movie.

    This Elliptical machine office desk is at the luxury end of exercising while you work. A lot of people prefer the smooth motion of an elliptical exercise machine.

  • At workplaces across the country, more and more employees are standing while working, or exercising while working. Two Boston-area companies say the trend is paying off, with healthier and more productive employees.

    The DeskCycle makes it easy to get safe and effective exercise while working at your desk. It's the only bike that was specifically designed for this purpose.

  • Interesting but goes totally against my personal experience. I had a major back injury in 2006. I have been symptom free since 2011 due to the exercising I do to keep my core strong. One of the first things I did was switch to sitting on an exercise ball while working. That was in 2008. I felt immediate relief. Even before my back injury, I could rarely sit in a chair for long periods without discomfort and soreness. I happily sit on my ball, now and then bouncing or rolling around on it, or even rolling it under my back to do some nice back stretches and other exercises for brief breaks. When forced to sit in regular chairs for any period of time, I experience discomfort and soreness which I never experience on my exercise ball. I realize we’re all different but, for me, the exercise ball works great.

Exercise While At Work. Stay FIT in the office!

Well, what if I told you that there’s a way to beat stress and exercise while working at the same time? I know this sounds too ambitious but not for as it introduces the Set.