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OPTP Slant - One Pair - #412

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  • TAG : It keeps exercise simple and to the point
  • Adding variety to your training program is good for you're motivation and great for ensuring your body has to respond in a slightly different way. This exercise wedge is all about adding an incline/decline to your workouts. It will give you an increase in exercise options and enhance traditional floor exercises.

    The Body Wedge 21 offers consumers a new angle in fitness by providing a safe, fun, and rewarding way to get into shape or stay fit at home, at work or on-the road. Simply put, it is an exercise wedge which offers literally hundreds of exercises for strength and muscle building, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga and other fitness programs. The Body Wedge was originally designed by fitness expert Richard Decker to aid in his recovery and rehabilitation from rotator cuff surgery. The exercise ball didn't provide enough stability, especially around the shoulder area, so he created a special exercise wedge to gain the support he needed.

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just use the exercise chart printed right on the padded wedge itself.