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  • The average person walks between 2,500 and 5,000 steps each day. Although this may seem like a lot, you may want to add more steps to your daily routine with an exercise walking program. Consider the benefits to your physical and mental health:

    When you start an exercise walking program, you are making a commitment to yourself to be more physically active. This should be a lifetime pursuit, as the major health benefits of exercise walking take place over time.

  • Keep track of your progress as you become more physically fit and increase the intensity of your workouts. You might consider getting a pedometer (available at most sporting goods stores) that clips on your belt and automatically records every step you take. In addition to your exercise walking routine, consider ways you can build more steps into each day, such as taking stairs instead of elevators or parking your car at the far end of parking lots.

    The research team assigned everyone to either get aerobic or their usual care for six months. The exercise group walked outside three times a week, gradually ramping up their intensity. Everyone took tests, at the beginning and end of the study, measuring thinking skills, executive function, memory and competence at daily activities.

  • Warm up. Don't start off your walk going full blast. Spend about 5 minutes warming up. This can be done as a few standing exercises or walking at a slower pace.

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Isometric exercises are effective for sculpting and strengthening the body, for improving a person's appearance and they pose very little health threat to the body. The most important advantage of isometric exercises for walkers and joggers is that they are perfectly suitable for moving process, unlike isotonic exercises, which are generally less convenient for that (imagine yourself running and lifting weight). Also, isometric exercises are almost invisible and one can comfortably exercise practically anywhere - on the street, at home, in the office and so on.