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  • You may already do a lot of stomach exercises like twists in hopes of reducing belly fat. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot reduction, contrary to what many workouts and products promise. If you want to reduce stomach fat, you need to burn overall body fat, which is done by achieving a negative caloric balance. If you choose to do a lot of twisting exercises in hopes of reducing stomach fat, you may actually see an increase in the size of your stomach, as you increase your muscle mass but do not reduce body fat.

    A twist board is a round platform on which you stand and perform exercises while twisting from side to side. Similar to a wobble board, a twist board works core muscles involved in maintaining balance. You can find twist boards at some gyms, or you can purchase one to use at home. Start a twist board workout slowly, and build up workout intensity as you grow accustomed to the equipment. Twist board exercises have several benefits, but you should also be aware of the potential for injury.

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