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  • The collapsible, portable exercise table 20 of the present invention is shown unfolded in FIG. 1 and includes a pair of table halves 22, 24 which are hinged together at an end by four hinges 26. Each table half 22, 24 has a folding table leg assembly 28, 30, each of which has a pair of legs 32, 34 for contacting the floor. Each table half 22, 24 has a threaded receptacle 36, 38 for receiving a removable table leg 40, 42 to help support the table in the planar and horizontal orientation for massage. As is shown in FIG. 1, threaded receptacles 36, 38 are diagonally positioned from each other across the hinges 26, and are substantially adjacent the outer edge of each table half 22, 24. This increases the lateral base of support for the table 20, which increases the stability of the table in this position. As the table 20 is elevated a greater distance above the floor in the planar, horizontal orientation, this increased width is desirable. Additionally, threaded receptacles 36, 38 are offset from legs 32, 34 to facilitate the collapsing of folding leg assemblies 28, 30 substantially adjacent each table half 22, 24, respectively.

    NK Exercise Tables are available in three styles to fit any budget. Frames are constructed with heavy wall steel tubing, all joints are electric welded and finished in durable white or cream colored powder coat. Each polished chrome plated torque arm comes with a 5 year warranty, holds up to 75 pounds of Slotted Disc Weights (sold separately), includes vinyl covered padded roller shin pad, and is infinitely adjustable to ensure proper exercise patterns in the prescribed range of motion.

  • Still another trend to be found in the public today is the increasing awareness of physical fitness, and the benefits to be received by toning the body's muscles through exercise. There are complete exercise routines which have been developed which utilize an inclined board or exercise table which the user rests on as he works out. This group of exercises is virtually unlimited in its variety and includes such exercises as sit-ups, leg lifts, side leg lifts, push ups, and others which are well known and which exercise virtually every muscle group in the body. There are presently available incline boards which can be attached to walls, or other supporting structures to facilitate the sit-up exercise. These boards are generally intended to be used on a sharp incline, and almost exclusively for the sit-up exercise. They are generally one piece, and are very inconvenient to transport because of their size.

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