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Tone Fitness Aerobic Stepper

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  • Here you have access to hundreds of exercises with detailed instructions and pictures for each exercise step. If you are registered you can add these exercises to your personal workout program and create an exercise plan that you can print. And, of course, you can change the program any time as you progress.
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    Cardiovascular exercise involves the major muscle groups performing work for long durations with little to no added resistance. An exercise stepper is a cardiovascular machine that has two pedals that you place your feet on and stationary handles to hold for balance. You move the pedals up and down in a smooth motion to simulate walking up stairs. This machine provides a number of benefits to the body. The lightweight and inexpensive machines generally weigh less than 20 lbs., take up fewer than 18 square inches of space and, as of 2011, cost under $100.

Step up to a total body workout at home with the Stamina Aerobic Step