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Frozen Shoulder Exercises | Exercises for shoulder pain

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  • Use a piece of rubber tubing for these exercises. Stand next to a closed door with a doorknob. Loop the tubing around the knob. With your hand that is closest to the door, bend your arm at a 90° angle and grab the loop of the tubing. Pull the band across your tummy. At first, do 1 set of 10 exercises. Try to increase the number of sets as your shoulder pain lessens. These exercises should be done every day.

    The exercise should be evaluated and instructed by a health care professional. It can help with some neck and shoulder pain problems by helping to restore normal function to the neck and shoulder muscles. This can potentially benefit those who suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to overuse from work or athletics.

  • As you gain strength and coordination try to carry out progressively more of your usual activities concentrating on keeping the ball of your shoulder in the socket. Avoid activities and positions that threaten your shoulder's stability while practicing those that you can perform with confidence. Swimming rowing and using cross country ski simulators are all good exercises for developing strength coordination and endurance. They also have the advantage of exercising both shoulders at the same time.

    Many shoulder problems can be traced back to and straining of the muscles of the upper back and neck. Any good shoulder exercise program should also incorporate some muscles.

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    As with any exercise program we strongly advise that you seek proper medical advice from your doctor before starting these exercises to ensure that they are suitable for your individual condition.

  • The goal of these particular exercises for shoulder pain is to get rid of the pain by restoring function. This may be possible in some cases. For some, it may only be 50 or 75%, however, for many who have suffered shoulder pain for years and have disability or restricted daily activities, this may bring about a significant improvement in the quality of life.

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I always have explained this to my clients and everyone that has attended my course: frozen shoulder exercises should be performed in pain-free ranges of motion.