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SPRI Xertube Resistance Band w/ Door Attachment, Blue, Heavy

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  • Exercise Rubber Bands EXB-02A is made of natural latex tubes,the latex tubes with smart alloy hooks. This will be ideal for a progressive workout where you start with one l...

    Use Quality Tubing

    Make sure you use quality tubing to create an exercise rubber band, as otherwise excessive stretching can make it useless quickly. It can also cause a safety risk for you. Be assured about the quality of rubber of the tubing you are using to create your own personalised rubber band. If the tubing has been lying around, especially exposed to sun, for a considerable amount of time, it is likely that the rubber's quality has been deteriorated.

  • Stationary lunges using rubber tubing as the resistance will work your thighs and glutes. Step on the middle of the tube with your left foot, holding the handles up near your shoulders. Position your right foot a few steps behind your left foot. Bend both knees to drop down into a lunge. At the bottom of the exercise, your left thigh is parallel to the ground, with your knee stacked directly over your ankle. Your right knee is a few inches above the ground. Press through your left heel to straighten your left knee. Slowly lower back to the bottom position. Do a number of repetitions on your left leg, then switch legs.

    Work your calves with a calf raise exercise using rubber tubing. Step on the middle of the tubing with both feet. Hold the handles up near your shoulders. Lift up onto your toes. Hold for a count before lowering your heels back to the ground. Repeat for 20 repetitions.

    These exercise rubber bands can make all the exercises you opt for more challenging. Try using one with basic squats and push ups and you will get a fair idea of their effectiveness. You can even use these bands in combination with dumb bells.

  • The two main types of exercise rubber bands are the tube resistance bands and the basic resistance bands. These have colors in accordance to the level of resistance and the usage type.

General Exercises Using Rubber Bands

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