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The cool pool exercise roller & water noodle is a great 2 in 1 tool to use as both an exercise roller and a water noodle to re

Foam Roller, LuxFit Speckled Foam Rollers for Muscles '3 Year Warranty' High Density Foam Roller For Physical Therapy, Exercise, Deep Tissue Muscle Massage. Back, Leg, Body Roller (Blue, 36 Inch)

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  • A Rumble Roller or a Foam Roller is quite a good way to spend money as a bodybuilder because you can use one of these exercise rollers in a way that your muscles will thank you for the rest of your post workout massages. Why do i think that the only thought going through your weightlifter mind is something like: What’s a Rumble Roller or a Foam Roller?

    So, i can briefly tell you that these exercise rollers are good for areas of tenderness or tightness. You’ll know where the problems are after you’ve been using the exercise roller for 5-6 times.

  • Foam body rollers are equipment originally used in rehab training that have crossed over into exercise like and , They are inexpensive, lightweight and versatile -- making them ideal for a home workout or studio. They are simply a cylinder of high-density foam. Exercise rollers can be put to all kinds of uses, such as stretching, self-massage, body support, and stability exercises.

    The Double Adjustable Abdominal Exercise Roller Wheel is a lightweight, high quality workout tool which tones the abs, shoulders and back of arms. It features foam padded handles for easy grip during use and is highly transportable.

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    Tone abs arms shoulders and glutes with Gymstick’s Ultimate Ab Exercise roller and workout DVD. The two easy-glide wheels with molded handles and exercise resistance tube will deliver a whole body workout. Its compact size will allow you to use it anywhere to keep fit. The package includes: Ultimate Ab Exercise Roller Workout DVD Exercise chart Soft knee pad.

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Use the Double Adjustable Abdominal Exercise Roller Wheel to tone abs, the back of arms and the shoulders at the same time. And because it is lightweight, it can be taken and used anywhere!