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95 Dexterity Exercises and Dances for Recorders in C (Soprano & Tenor)

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  • Exercise Recorder is a lightweight app designed to simplify the way you keep track of your workout program. Unlike more complicated software utilities, this one aims to speed up everything by letting you write exactly what you need to do in an offline environment. Data can be saved to file.

    We didn't have any troubles running the tool on Windows 10. However, Exercise Recorder doesn't have richer options and configuration settings. It merely integrates a basic text editor with a data saving option, but it doesn't really have features optimized for workout programs. Nevertheless, you can test it for yourself.

  • 12 Week Exercise Planner
    The following table is a 12 week schedule that can be used to record all your exercises each week. The purpose of this schedule is to aim to improve exercises either by lifting more weight, repetitions, or time depending on the exercise. Feel free to add and adjust any exercises you wish to include in the schedule. Individuals should select the appropriate exercises depending on what they are training, e.g. a runner will record run times and distances, bike times, leg weights, and any other exercises that can be used to benefit running. Only select exercises that you are comfortable with, don’t do all exercises off the list. When recording weight exercises record your heaviest set into the table. For cardio exercises record times and distances, for boxing, hills sprints, skipping etc record how many rounds are completed.

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