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Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

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  • TAG : Rebounding: My Exercise Of Choice For 2013
  • I am 74 and have been rebounding for 12 months now feel like 16. Visiting my doctor she could. Inot believe my circulation think she was disappointed thT she could not find anything wrong and when I told her how much I enjoyed exercising on rebounder she told me I was acting like a little girl but it did not stop there she prescribed cholesterol medication because of one reading my bloodpressure was slightly elevated. I left and have not returned.

    A major advantage of using the mini-trampoline for rebounding is that it provides a safe and convenient form of exercise with apparent low level trauma to the muscles and bones. The zero-impact aerobic exercise of rebounding improves blood circulation. It is found that heart rate declines about 10 beats per minute with regular rebounding.

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