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Sportly Push Up Bar - Set of 2 - Incline Pushup Stands for Home Fitness Training - Gymnastics Inspired Asymmetric Bars Allow Greater Range of Motion - Stable, Comfortable Grips - Build Strength Faster

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  • Perform exercises on pushup bars that work the chest, triceps, shoulders and abdominal muscles. Incorporate variety of pushups, including the standard, bent-knee and dive-bomber pushup, which is a more challenging version of the standard pushup. To work the triceps, do dips in a seated position with your legs extended out in front of you. The pushup bar pike press exercise targets the shoulders and planks work the abdominal and low back muscles.

    The limit of pushups is not just chest muscles, it goes beyond that. Not to troble you with text reading, see for yourself. The following picture presents the range of exercises Push Up Bars are capable of realizing.

  • As the name implies, pushup bars are typically used to do exercise involving pushups. They offer some advantages over performing pushups on the floor. You can do several other upper-body exercises with pushup bars, but this type of workout has limitations and will not target all the major muscles.

    New generic Muscle Training Exercise Pushup Push-Up Bars Hand Stands for you all. Build powerful shoulds, chest, and arms from a standard Pushup Stands. Unique design allows a deeper push-up for increase muscle development. Do more push-ups due to reduced stress on wrists and forearms. This Muscle Training Push Up Bars made from heavy-duty steel with soft neoprene coated for a better grip. Safe guards feet of the Push-up Hand Bars to hold firm during exercise. Pretects floors from marring. Exercise Pushup Bars Stands with sturdy, light-weight heavy-duty steel construction.

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