Here’s the plan for the Glute Exercise Progressions…

Over time, I’ve developed a systemized approach to tackling exercise progression and regression.

Push-up Progression: A 24 Push-up Journey to Stabilization, Strength and Power

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  • I recently worked with Chris while training for a half marathon in May. I was battling old IT band and knee issues during my training, and needed a way to keep going. Chris's pain release techniques are amazing. This training did not fix my injury, but rather allowed me to work within the boundaries of my body to achieve my goals. He worked with me to strengthen my core in order to better support my body and take some of the pressure off my knees. His training is specialized to fit your individual needs. I would highly recommend Exercise Progression for everyone looking to further their fitness goals.

    I just recently ran my first marathon in May and all I can say is that I could not have done it without all the help from exercise progression. From core strengthening exercises that helped me run better and faster, to pain release techniques that helped heal my sore musles and injuries...I went to Chris at exercise progression for all my questions and I got real reliable answers that worked!! And, yes in the end I was able to complete all 26.2 miles which may not have been possible without the techniques and exercises from Exercise Progression. I would recommend them to everyone, but especially anyone who has pain or injuries who still want to lead an active and healthy pain-free life.

  • Chris at Exercise Progression is a miracle worker! I have been suffering from lower back pain for many years, after seeing Chris twice... I was pain free!

    At Exercise Progression we specialize in 4 main things;1) Pain & Injuries2) Sports Performance3) Nutrition and Health Coaching4) Corrective ExerciseWe offer a safe and …

    1) Starting in January on the first Monday of every month at 4:00pm and 5:30 pm we will have JMP School where I will lecture for about ten minutes to whoever is in the studio on various topics. Next Monday's (the 7th) topic will be on training consistency and rowing variations.
    2) This past month I attended a personal training conference in Fairlawn. One of the speakers talked a great deal about exercise progressions, which inspired me to do this:

    What we are trying to create at JMP is an awareness of what exercise is (and isn't.) Exercise should be used as a tool to make you feel better. Outdoorsy exercise such as tennis or softball should be used to make your brain feel better. Exercise in the gym should be used to make your body feel better and should follow pretty consistent exercise progressions. You only progress to the next exercise when you master the previous one. Yes, you may never master certain exercises and yes, we digress and train older exercises "lower" in the progression because the truth is you can always do it better.
    I'm pretty sure there is a life lesson in that.
    Happy New Year!

  • A friend of mine has been training with Chris at Exercise Progression for a while now so I decided to join him for a workout.


    Things I really appreciated:

    - His ability to notice the smallest of corrections, that would make a big difference in my workout

    - The hour flew by, I was constantly challenged both mentally and physically

    - These workouts focus on both long and short term results

    - Chris does research prior to you showing up. Your workout is customized for your specific goals. He isn't just giving everyone the same cookie cutter workout.

    - He's a super positive guy and insightful on how to get results you desire.

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2) This past month I attended a personal training conference in Fairlawn. One of the speakers talked a great deal about exercise progressions, which inspired me to do this: