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so put it in the middle of you exercise playlist.

50 Top Workout Hits - The Greatest Ever Fitness Playlist - Perfect for Exercise, Jogging, Keep Fit, Spinning, Gym & Marathon Training

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  • And if you’d like some further inspiration for other songs to add to your playlist, check out my ultimate exercise playlist (there are some seriously good comments containing plenty of suggestions).

    But there’s a lot involved in developing the perfect exercise playlist. You have to trawl through all your songs and cancel out everything ballad-y or slightly depressing. No Whitney Houston or Air Supply up in here. Then, you have to find songs with a particular tempo and uplifting lyrics, and arrange them in the perfect order: pump-up songs, songs to pick you up during a lull, going-over-the-imaginary-finish-line songs…

  • What makes Green Day a better listen than Fall Out Boy or All-American Rejects is their long record of originality. Whether you're a fan or not, their songs—and Billie Joel Armstrong's voice—have been implanted in the public consciousness for the last decade and a half. Their hard-driving style makes you feel like you're working out with a team of drill sergeants, which can really help when motivation levels falter. The upbeat riffs and angst-filled lyrics about striving not to be complacent are like a coach's halftime pep talk, so put it in the middle of you exercise playlist.

    There’s nothing like a little pep in your step to get that workout up a notch! This exercise playlist will help you have ultimate workouts that motivate you beyond belief. The right tunes can be just the push you need to go from a mediocre workout to pushing yourself beyond the limits you thought possible. So get ready to have a party in the gym and be the best that you can be!

  • When thinking about the order of the tracks in my exercise playlist, I'm reminded of Nike+. On the iPod, it lets you assign a high-tempo "power song" to your run and start it when you're coming close to the finish. The idea is that it'll help motivate you to push through the remainder of your run and eke out a little extra speed.

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