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Exercise Physiology: Nutrition, Energy, and Human Performance

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  • Potential career paths include certified personal trainer, health/fitness instructor, exercise specialist, registered clinical exercise physiologist, aerobics instructor, certified strength and conditioning specialist, as well as positions in a research lab.

    Prepare to be a highly qualified professional in the fitness industry (i.e. corporate fitness), certain areas within allied health care (i.e. cardiac rehabilitation) and athletic performance enhancement (i.e. strength and conditioning). This emphasis will also prepare you to pursue graduate studies in exercise physiology or related academic disciplines.

  • Powers is a physiologist specializing in investigating the effects of muscular exercise and inactivity on both cardiac and skeletal muscle. He has earned three University of Florida teaching awards and co-authored four textbooks used in college exercise physiology courses.

    Says Stobbie: “Clients can get the most out of working with their exercise physiologist by entering each training session with an open, positive attitude. While each client will have an individualized program, they will also be exposed to a variety of activities that are designed to physically and mentally challenge them.”

    Required: Bachelor Degree and minimum of six months job-related experience. To improve the overall functioning and well being of members with a variety of

  • Exercise Physiologist - Waupun Memorial Hospital (.6). Develops exercise prescription and oversees exercise progression in patients with cardiovascular disease...

    When the sessions come to an end because the person leaves treatment, the exercise physiologist can help them create a unique aftercare plan for them to follow so they can continue making progress toward their goals.

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The next map provides that path I have taken in becoming an exercise physiologist and obtaining my Ph.D. Similar to the mind map but in more detail on what and the people who have influenced my so far.