Do ya'll have an exercise philosophy?

Sara Solomon Exercise Philosophy

The Habit of Mindfulness: 25 Daily Exercises

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  • Let’s start with this. You possess perhaps the most sophisticated, adaptable, and versatile machine ever created: the human body. My exercise philosophy stems from the concept that we should, 1) take care of our bodies, 2) use them in a functional and/or skilled way, and 3) have some fun in the process. Plenty of people have an aversion to exercise. Perhaps they’ve had bad experiences, or misconceptions, like exercise has to be miserable. But it doesn’t. For exercise to be a healthy lifestyle habit, it should involve purposeful, beneficial movement, and it should hopefully be something you enjoy, and can develop over time. There are plenty of options out there to choose from.

    A warrior always has a battle plan. You must learn to draw up a plan, implement your plan, overcome adversities, maintain discipline and control under great stress, and ultimately defeat your foes. To be a warrior, you must adopt this way of thinking. This pretty much sums up my life and exercise philosopy. I refuse to life life with any regrets. When I exercise, I will only do what I enjoy and what feels good. If it hurts, then it's wrong for ME to do.

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