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  • Having a good office chair is easily today since many outlets of office furniture provide a variety design of office chair. However, there is another alternative instead of having a chair office. You can use an exercise ball as your office chair while you are working in front of the computer. It seems like an exercise ball office chair won’t be good to be used during our working time, but this is very beneficial and fun to be used as your office chair.

    During your busy time, you need to have a chair that can give a comfortable position. This chair is very proper to be used because it can help you decrease the problem in your back since sitting in front of the computer all day long will give effects to your healthy. Some people said that exercise ball office chair is uncomfortable because it seems unstable. However, that’s the point you should get. The unstable chair will force you to balance your body till you get a proper position. The way you find the balance between your body with the chair will improve your healthy and prevent your body from back pains. Since it includes in unstable chair, you will need to roll out your position frequently. Balancing your position frequently will help you reduce any bad effect caused by sitting in the same position. The most interesting thing from this chair is that you can do some exercises without having to stand up more often. So, it will keep you healthy when you don’t have much time to go to a gym.

  • A few key stretches throughout the day can keep us limber and refreshed. This manual of exercises for office workers is great for people like us who are prone to never moving anything but our fingers for eight hours straight.

    The answer is easier said than done, but easily understood. If you eat more calories than you exercise off in a day, you will gain weight. The opposite holds true as well - if you can burn off more than you consume, you will . You see, losing weight is not rocket science. You can do it if you stick to a program of moderation in food consumption and daily exercise.

33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work