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[…] For more abs exercise, you can check the UrbanWired website article at best exercises for men to build six pack abs. […]

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  • Population studies consistently show that exercise protects against many types of cancer. Leisure-time physical activity decreases colon cancer risk in men by 20 percent. Prostate cancer rates drop by almost 10 percent in exercising men, while trends in kidney cancer are similar. Physical activity is far from being a guarantee against a cancer diagnosis, but it does appear to provide some added insurance.

    Before you start any aerobic exercise regimen, consult your physician and take the Exercise Risk Factor Analysis to assess your pre-exercise risks. Once these tasks...

  • The Elite Men’s Guide provides an in-depth look at each of these four main components or exercise for men as well as practical ways to incorporate each into a busy life. Particular attention should always be paid to safety, especially in vulnerable areas such as the lower back and shoulders. Take our cardiovascular risk assessment to determine whether or not you should consult a physician prior to beginning an exercise regimen. Then, click the links below to find out more about each individual component.

    The side plank is a core exercise for men that helps improve posture and muscle tone. It strengthens your back and your abs, making it an ideal complimentary exercise for Slendertone users.

  • Chronic back pain is one complaint that may be markedly improved by exercise-based therapy. However, musculoskeletal pain is not the only discomfort to be relieved by exercise. A recent investigation into the role of aerobic exercise in men with chronic prostatitis showed significantly decreased pain levels in the study group.

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