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Leslie Sansone: 5 Mega Miles
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Leslie Sansone: Walk Off Fat Fast

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  • For the fitness seeker under a tight schedule, exercise guru Leslie Sansone has created this series of abbreviated walking routines designed to give you all the effectiveness of a full workout in a shorter period of time. Incorporating lifts, squats and punches into an intense walking routine, Sansone's rigorous program -- just 30 minutes long -- ensures that you'll drop weight, tone muscles and build stamina.

    Exercise expert Leslie Sansone will help you put muscle into your workout through interval strength training. Beginning with a brisk walk broken by three-minute intervals of intense weight training, the half-hour routine is designed to sculpt your arms, shoulders, pecs and abs while burning fat, blasting calories, boosting metabolism and improving cardiovascular health. In just 30 minutes, you'll be on your way to a stronger, leaner you.

  • In this DVD you will be able to exercise with Leslie Sansone as she does the 5 easy Low-Impact Aerobic exercises listed above. Not only that, but with her lovable personality and the great amount of beginner information she gives you during the workout, this is the best DVD for anyone starting out. The music is also excellent and a great motivator to get you up and active!

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