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BODYMINDER Workout and Exercise Journal (A Fitness Diary)

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  • Keeping an exercise journal can be great for motivation since your goals are clear on paper. It also helps that you have to write something down each day. You want to record the specific weight you lifted along with the specified sets and reps. You should also input how easy the weight was to lift. Did you struggle on the last rep or was it a piece of cake? The more detailed data you can document, the more it will help you down the road.

    An exercise journal will be able to clearly show you the progress that you have made since the start of your fitness plan. This can be a great motivator but can also be helpful as it shows you what changes you might need to make to keep getting bigger and stronger. Remember, in order to progress you must push yourself harder.

  • You may not realize the importance of keeping an exercise journal when you first start going to the gym. As a more casual lifter you might be more motivated by having fun and using the gym as more of a social outlet. However as time goes on, an exercise journal will be crucial if you want to keep up your progress in the gym and continue to improve your physique. There are many reasons why it’s important to keep an exercise journal and we’ll discuss some of these below.

    I’m sure most people can’t remember how much weight they lifted the last time they went into the gym, or what type of workout they plan to do next. By keeping an exercise journal you completely eradicate this problem since you know exactly how much you lifted and what exercises you’ve done in the past and which ones are coming up on your next workout. Proper preparation prevents poor performance.

    Exercise helps burn more calories. When you burn more calories you will lose weight at a quicker pace. Your body will become more tone and you will feel and be healthier. To find out how many calories you burned at a given exercise check out these Exercise Calorie Calculators.

    Below is a free printable exercise journal. Print off this exercise journal and start recording your daily exercise. You will find that meeting your fitness goals will be much easier.

  • It is important to use an Exercise Journal when you are working out to see results. You should note the type of exercise and how much time you spent working out on a given day. When you use an Exercise Journal you will be able to see what is working or what is not working towards your goal. You will also be able to see where you need to work harder.

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By keeping an exercise journal you are essentially planning your workouts. By planning your workouts you are able to compensate for any mishaps that may occur. For example, maybe your gym is closed next Friday, or you will be out of town and unable to get your workout in. This will allow you to work around this and rearrange your sessions. You are also making your goals seem more realistic since they are written down. In a way this finalizes the goals and holds you accountable to achieve them.