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Exercise is fun

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  • Things like goals, schedules and progress tracking may sound very serious and businesslike, but for many people, they form the core components of exercise fun. That’s because they are simply the best way to stay motivated, focused and invested in what you’re doing. (For more on goals and planning, see “” in the April 2009 archives.)

    Maybe you’ve never liked exercise before. Maybe you loved it once but lost your taste for it along the way. Maybe you’ve committed to lifelong exercise and know that you need to look for ways to stay interested. Regardless of your fitness experience, it pays to think about what makes — or could make — exercise fun and rewarding for you now. Merely acknowledging that you don’t currently know but are willing to learn and experiment may be the very best place to start. (For exercise ideas, see “” in the November 2008 archives.)

  • “We want people to learn that exercise is fun,” she said. “Our ultimate goal is to combat disease, but we also want people to know that they can do this.”

    It is often the case that women fitness models are given the task to make exercise and fitness look like lots of fun. Not only is exercising fun, but having a body that you're happy with when you look in the mirror is also great fun.

  • There are several ways to make exercise fun. If you have children, head to your local park or even your back yard. Set up cones, kick balls, create an obstacle course and just move. Use park benches to do dips, lunges and step ups. Plan on meeting a friend for a walk in your neighborhood. Walk to the first mailbox, jog to the next, then drop down for 10 pushups, and so on.

Playground Workout: Moves that Make Exercise Fun Again

Exercise is a necessary ingredient to a healthy lifestyle, and making your exercise fun is a key component to doing it over the long term. When exercise is fun, fitness is easy. Haven’t you noticed that the things you actually like to do are always easy to do, and the things you dread the most are almost impossible to bear? I totally understand the mindset that pre-paves both of these experiences, yet it can be difficult to break out of old habits of thought to create and sustain a new vibration around exercise and fitness. Mark Twain (1835-1910) said that “A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” Sometimes all we need is a little “get up and go” (combined with fun) to change our habits a little at a time. Here is what I suggest: Take a Gratitude and Connection Walk. When I walk, I make it more fun by using my imagination, thoughts, and deliberate focus to feel better. Feeling better equals fun to me, and you probably feel much the same way.