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Many Pilates exercises can be adapted for those who want or need to exercise in bed

Exercising in Bed

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  • These Bed Basics of Stretching are key to my new-found health. I frequently mention that I exercise in bed all the time. Easy exercise like this started me down the path to losing 130 pounds. It still helps me stay fit today at 150 pounds since October 2011 (140 in Oct 2013!) (138 in March 2014!) Stretching in bed has helped me recover from several recent illnesses and has made a huge reduction in recovery time compared to previous illnesses.

    Everyone can do this and that’s why I do it. I could exercise in bed even when I was obese, frail and weak or recovering from illness. I couldn’t do too much else when I started losing weight. I can exercise in bed by light movement even when I can’t do anything else.

  • U.S. Pat. No. 4,925,184 comprises a bicycle-like exercising device enabling a patient to exercise while in bed This device contains no energy source. This device also is not designed to supply body weight level forces to the subject. This device is unable to provide exercises that simulate ambulatory activity.

    FIG. 4 illustrates an embodiment of the In-Bed Exerciser collapsed for transportation to another patient or bed, or for storage. In FIG. 5, a preferred embodiment of the exerciser is schematically shown with an exerciser positioned in bed and using the invention to exercise their lower extremity muscles and ligaments.

  • Physical therapy gyms have successfully integrated some technologies which simulate walking and weight-bearing motions (e.g. the horizontal "leg press," the recumbent cycle ergometer, the Cybex®,(registered trademark of CyBex International, Inc.) and the NuStep® (registered trademark of Life Plus, Inc.). Similarly, physical therapy gyms may employ a combination of supine exercisers such as the Total Gym®, (registered trademark of Engineering Fitness International Corp.) Shuttle® (registered trademark of Contemporary Design Co.). Unfortunately, all of the devices that are capable of providing adequate exercise require that patients transfer from the bed to another location. Such transfer is labor intensive for a hospital or nursing home and is often dangerous and traumatic for a deconditioned patient. For these reasons, it is best for bedridden patients to exercise in bed.

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Do some easy exercises in bed morning and evening. Energize yourself for the day. Relax yourself for some solid sleep every evening. If you do this every day for 120 years I guarantee you will live long :^)